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Día Tres

LAEF 2022


Boardroom 4: ¿Cuál Es el Rol del Gas la Transición Energética de la Región?

18 mar 2022
Boardroom interactiva
  • What is the gas market going to look like in Latin America by 2040?
  • The key role of gas in providing baseline power to complement growing capacity of renewables.
  • The impact of not financing gas, does it make sense?  Can transition guarantee energy security without gas?
  • Realising the full potential of gas-to-power in Latam
  • Gas for heavy transport - what is missing to enable a cleaner and more efficient transport infrastructure?
Silvia Zumarraga, General Manager Market Development - Wartsila
Hon. Stuart Young, Minister - Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries
Heloisa Borges, Head of Gas - Brasil's Energy Research Office (EPE)
Carlos Garibaldi, Executive Secretary - ARPEL
Pablo Ferragut, Managing Director - ARPEL
Nestor Sanchez, Global Power Projects Developer - Caterpillar Inc.
Brian Butcher, Senior Advisor, International Government Affairs - Shell
Terence Thorn, Sr. Advisor to the President - International Gas Union (IGU)