Mike Singh



Mike Singh is a globally business leader and an investor in the Indus‐Americas Subsea Cable System (BRICS Cable) which is expected to solve the bandwidth constraints faced by the emerging markets of the Southern Hemisphere via the linkage of Asia, the Middle East, Africa & the Americas.
In addition, his firm provides wide‐ranging consultancy services to a growing number of global powerhouses in the subsea, broadband, wireless and data infrastructure. sectors. This includes network services, content delivery, business & knowledge process outsourcing, unified communications, mobile health, M2M, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security solutions  in an increasingly ubiquitous world.  The firm now has an active energy practice focusing on EPC, Logistics and Trading.  Mr. Singh’s career has been hallmarked with several leadership positions with AT&T, Tata Communications, Level 3 Communications & Verizon.
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