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Key topics for discussion

Key topics for discussion

•    POLITICAL FORECAST & MARKET PERSPECTIVES UP TO 2025: Gain a precise knowledge of the political climate and the market panoramas up to 2025 in the region. Get insights from key industry professionals (owners, operators, developers and EPCs) on timelines and challenges

•    CLEAN AND RENEWABLE ENERGY AHEAD OF THE POLICY MAKERS: Government subsidy policies and tariff regimes are not the only revenue streams for developers and off-takers

•    PROJECT INVESTMENT: Get insights on the latest trends of project finance and identify who to liaise with to achieve financing for your project

•    PROJECT CASE STUDIES: Discover from executed project models how to simplify planning, construction and maintenance processes of power generation

•    MANAGING SOCIAL IMPACT STUDIES PERMITTING AND REGULATION: Assess the significant legal issues you need to address and achieve a successful project

•    PROCUREMENT STRATEGIES: Manage supply chain bottlenecks to avoid costly delays during the construction phase

•    TECH & TOOLS FOR POWER GENERATION: Insights into the future of the industry and how to access the latest technology; including 3D, VR, AR, IoT and and IoE

•    HYBRID POWER PLANTS: Lessons Learned from Developers and Operators and how Latin American countries can capitalize such innovative infrastructure

•    ENERGY MIX: Is the power mix the solution for industrial adoption? – an R&D perspective

•    ENERGY STORAGE: How the development of the sector is a key driver in the success of the renewable industry in the region

•    O&M OPPORTUNITIES: Discover the best and most innovative strategies and the advantages of operational reliability for power generation

•    COSTA RICA, CHILE AND MEXICO: What needs to be done to reach full power generation and energy consumption through renewable energy?

•    SUSTAINABILITY AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Learn how the correct policies could improve and generate high levels of efficiency

•    DECARBONISATION OF THE CONTINENT: Which countries are leading the decarbonisation of their industries through the production and consumption of energy using different technologies?