Robert Pitz-Paal

Director, German Aerospace Centre (DLR), Institute for Solar Research


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Pitz-Paal is one of the two directors of DLR Solar Research Institute with more than 150 members of staff located in Cologne, Stuttgart, Jülich, Germany and Almería, Spain. This is the largest research institution in Germany working in the field of concentrating solar technologies. This position is jointly assigned with a professorship at Aachen University. In 2008 he was also visiting Professor at the ETH in Zurich. His main research areas are the technical analysis and optimisation of concentrating solar power systems for generating electricity and producing fuel. He serves as associate editor the Journal of Solar Energy and is the chairman of the SolarPACES (Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems) technology Cooperation Programme of the IEA. He is also a member of the board of the German Industry Association of CSP (DeutscheCSP). Pitz-Paal received the Farington-Daniels Award of the International Energy Society in 2017.
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