Sergio Gomez Echeverri



I chose to train myself as a biologist and developed skills in research, evolution, genetics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, statistics and complemented my knowledge with geographic information systems. I soon realized that, although my studies made me grow as a researcher in basic science, it was not possible to have the application of this knowledge detached from the reality of the environment we live in. I changed my approach and focused on the application of the scientific method to environmental studies, trying to find the gap between development and the environment, as a source of economic and social wealth. I have conducted environmental studies in various economic sectors such as Road Infrastructure,  Hydroelectric Power Plants, Transportation, among others. Nowadays, I manage Endémica, a company that provides consulting services and develops small (1 – 20 MW) renewable energy projects (Hydro, Wind, Solar), having as a premise the reasonable use of natural resources.
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